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Re: What DO you lose with Linux ???

SNEAKERNET just because YOU can't configure procmail?  I'd say that your
failure to configure procmail is YOUR problem, not one to be visited on
the internet at large.  I've sneakernetted files of a size that would
make you blanch in my day, but I see no reason to do this as a matter of
protocol, not when there exists a simple method to do so, regardless of
whether or not you like the method.

On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Steve Lamb wrote:

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> On Sun, 4 Apr 1999 13:06:47 -0600 (MDT), John Galt wrote:
> >What's the accepted method of sending a file to a person that MUST not get
> >into unfriendly hands, but needs to get between users that have no access to
> >the other's machine, due to dynamic PPP and hostile ISPs, then? This method
> >should be as easy and as transportable as POPmail, not involve other servers
> >in any way save routing, be able to be used internationally, and ensure
> >delivery to only the intended person.  Give up? Well so do I.  Solve this
> >problem before you beef about how large attachments to email is evil.
>     Why?  The percentage of people who have that problem are so small it
> really is their problem.  They can switch ISPs, they can go over their IT
> department's head and get stuff done, but it is THEIR problem.  If they
> don't like it, too bad.
>     And to answer your question, a ZIP disk and next day air works wonders.
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