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Re: vi in Debian (slink)

On Sun, Apr 04, 1999 at 05:37:06PM +1000, Tyson Dowd wrote:
> Major Advantages to using vim over nvi:
> 	- multiple undo
> 	- region select
> 	- recordable macros
> 	- :command history 
> 	- filename completion
> 	- multiple buffers/split windows
> 	- identifier completion (^P, ^N).
> 	- intelligent reformatting (Q)
> 	- syntax highlighting
> 	- good online help

Some of these features sound useful, especially filename completion
and perhaps command history. For multiple buffers, I use multiple logins,
or screen.

> I believe vim is responsible for a large productivity increase over vi,
> and has further pushed back any need to learn emacs.  I haven't yet any
> vi user who hasn't been converted after being shown a few major vim
> conveniences.

However, vim is not standard. I routinely work on HP-UX these days
and doubt that vim is installed there, for example.

Hamish Moffatt VK3TYD. 
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