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Re: What DO you lose with Linux ???

>>>>> In article <19990402231215.A14346@rising.com.au>, Hamish Moffatt
>>>>> <hamish@debian.org> writes:

>>> The problem of (huge) attachments or huge mails in general is, that
>>> the recipient often never asked to get it, but the sender sended it
>>> without being asked to do.

Hamish> In the case of mailing lists, I agree. In the case of other mail,
Hamish> this is not my experience at all.

I get from time to time mails from friends and even from people i
don't know with attachments some times greater than 1MB. And i'm
always very angry about it, cause i do pay for my telphone connection
(4 minutes costs me 12 german Pfennige, about 0,07US$). And none of
these persons asked me, if i'm interested in the picture, large text,
animation or the like. And never asked i someone of these to send me
that thing.

I talked to much other users and i often get excatly that complaint.

And this has nothing to do with mailinglists.

But if you are so happy about big emails, what about sending you the
X11 sources? Without asking you about sending it. Will you be happy
about that?

The question is: What is big and what is too big? Everybody i can
think of will get angry if i send him/her the X11 sources without
being asked to do so. So X11 sources are clearly too big. What about a 
50MB animation? What about a 5MB picture? What about a 100KB text?

Do you get the point? To send emails bigger than about 40-80KB without 
being asked to do so and without asking the recipient is not very nice 
and i would call it an offence.

Until the next mail...,

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