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Re: What DO you lose with Linux ???

>>>>> In article <19990331143820.A29083@rising.com.au>, Hamish Moffatt
>>>>> <hamish@debian.org> writes:

Hamish> Wrong solution. Users should not have to adapt to technology
Hamish> (within reason); the technology should allow users to send
Hamish> huge email attachments if they need to. Otherwise it should be
Hamish> fixed.

One last point: If i drive a car, i have to stop at a red traffic
light. Is a car bad technology?

No piece of technology is able to get you rid of thinking.

And your personal freedom ends exactly at the point where the freedom
of others is cut down.

The problem of (huge) attachments or huge mails in general is, that
the recipient often never asked to get it, but the sender sended it
without being asked to do.

If i ask you to send me some big file than there is no technical
problem to do so. But if you find a great picture, about 2MB and you
think everyone has to see it and so you send it to one mailinglist or
another, than there are no technical problems -- than your are the

Until the next mail...,

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