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I bought the second edition of The Debian Linux Users Guide.
There are 3 CDs included.
I have a FIC VA503+ with Win95 b installed on the first partition of an
8 gig drive.
I have a second 1.2 gig drive I setup with  a 1 gig Linux partition and
a 100K swap partition with Partition Magic.
Reading the Debian manual is confusing. It talks about a lot of floppy
disks. It sounds like the days of when windows came on 28 floppys.
Isn't there something that says like "Put CD in drive. Type setup and
follow instructions."
Most all of the messages on the list have very cryptic commands in them
that look like Greek to me, so I am afraid I won't know what to type
when the CD starts processing. Where does one find what all the commands
mean? There is no Glossary in the manual.

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