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Re: Installation

Drop to Winblows DOS mode without loading the GUI... You can do this by
pressing F8 during bootup or by choosing Shutdown to MS-DOS from the menu.

Then locate the disks-i386 directory on your CD, and then run 'install'.

At 11:16 AM 1/13/99 -0800, Sam Franc wrote:
>I bought the second edition of The Debian Linux Users Guide.
>There are 3 CDs included.
>I have a FIC VA503+ with Win95 b installed on the first partition of an
>8 gig drive.
>I have a second 1.2 gig drive I setup with  a 1 gig Linux partition and
>a 100K swap partition with Partition Magic.
>Reading the Debian manual is confusing. It talks about a lot of floppy
>disks. It sounds like the days of when windows came on 28 floppys.
>Isn't there something that says like "Put CD in drive. Type setup and
>follow instructions."
>Most all of the messages on the list have very cryptic commands in them
>that look like Greek to me, so I am afraid I won't know what to type
>when the CD starts processing. Where does one find what all the commands
>mean? There is no Glossary in the manual.
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