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Re: Loadlin is my only way out!!!

Hi, Nathan!

Am I right that you would like to install Debian on your harddrive using 
loadlin?  Details of that are in chapter "installing from hard disk" "Debian 
Installation manual".  Worked for me all the time.  I even prefer it to 
diskette installation.

> Greets,
>    I have given up installing Debian with the installation program 
> because for some reason it doesn't think I have a hard drive. 

Hm-m-m once I made a real dumb mistake, forgot to include ext2 support in my 
kernel, and surprise-surprise could no longer boot my computer.  Well it 
should not be the case if you use kernel from installation diskettes.  Just a 

>  Anyway, 
> I've gotten it to run the Linux kernal with the program loadlin but I 
> don't have a root file system binary to use with it... except the 
> installation root.bin but as I stated above I can't get it to install by 
> means of the installation program.  So does anyone know where I could 
> get the basic root file system binaries?
>    Thanks in advance!

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