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Re: bootlog on debian 2.0 missing in /var/log/messages

I had that problem a few years ago on a slackware system;
it was caused by not having my host name (unqualified)
in the first entry in /etc/hosts; once I made sure
that record was first, the boot messages appeared again.

Don't know if that's still true, but might be worth
a check.  (I found that solution, back then, by doing a
search at www.dejanews.com -- you might try that, too,
if this isn't the answer.)  Good luck.

Benno Overeinder wrote:
> > >
> > >Where is it on the 2.0 version. the /var/log/messages is very abbreviated
> > >the /var/log/syslog is also very abbreviated
> >
> > ditto.
> [...]
> > I suspect that a line must now be missing from some /etc/init.d/* file, eg,
> >     klogd -o -f /var/log/messages
> > However, such a line would need to be early in the boot: after /etc/rcS.d/*
> > files run but before most every other boot file since a permanent klogd
> > daemon runs in the file
> >    /etc/rc2.d/S10sysklogd
> >
> > I could insert a "klogd -o" command in one of the boot files,
> > if that is what was used before, but I hate to do what should already
> > be done somehow.
> > Any ideas?  For example, does your
> >    grep klogd /etc/init.d/*
> > reveal a "klogd" with the "-o" option?
> I have two Debian installations.  One of them is upgraded from 1.3 to 2.0.  On
> this system the /var/log/messages contains the boot messages.  On the other
> system, I installed a brand new Debain 2.0 distribution (no upgrade).  On this
> system, I only see the minimal mark messages, but _no_ boot messages.
> Next thing I did is to compare the files in the init.d directory of both
> systems.  Apart from the network numbers, the files were identical.  So I am
> afraid the problem is more subtle (and I still don't have any clue).
> Bye,
> -- Benno
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