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consdiag v 1.0 released


I've just finished my project "consdiag", it can be found in

It's a utility that makes Rumbaugh OO boxes in LaTeX, something
pretty useful for many computer science students.

I do want to several things:
- Please tell me if this utility is also useful for you
- if so tell me how to debianize it , or much better, debianize it
for me, although I'm not very sure of the process, because it's not
a C program , just interpreted python code , with a bit of documentation
- please, tell me if you can include it in the debian CDROM, I'd
be greatly honoured !

Please, if you know any other utility of this kind tell me, I need
them !

Data: I currently run RH 4.2 , with lots of libraries of Debian 2.0
Hamm , because gimp required them. It'd be great if a REDHAT2DEBIAN-HOWTO
existed. Linux ( Unix ) systems are not as Winblows systems, they
are stable for a long time, so it doesn't make sense to remove
distributions to install a new one, that's not the spirit of UNIX.

I don't like RH, but that doesn't mean to throw overboard all my 
Linux system and spend three weeks retuning all my system. I prefer to
discover new things every day, rather than rediscover the discovered. 

Please reply me directly, I'm not currently in this list, ...,
the volume is too high for my phone bills. 

My addresses / mis direcciones: 

www.ctv.es/USERS/irmina ---> lritaunas peki project/proyecto in python
www.ctv.es/USERS/irmina/pyttex.htm ---> page of spanish users of latex
/ pagina de usuarios en espanyol de latex
www.ctv.es/USERS/irmina/texpython.htm --> page of drawing utility for tex 
/ pagina de utilidad de dibujo para Latex
www.ctv.es/USERS/irmina/croscruci.htm --> +Wordland ( fun
 and education), Crucilandia (sopas de letras) 
"...abandoneis el campo y vuestras casas y acudais a defender el
mar y la ciudad...no lamentarse por las casas o la tierra, sino por
las vidas humanas, pues aquellas no nos proporcionan hombres, 
sino los hombres aquellas "-Pericles

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