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Re: _very_ reproducable WP8 X client lib error.

Stan Brown writes:
> 	I am having a reproducable problem with WP*. It must be a clinet side
> 	library problem, since it ccurs even on remote X servers.
> 	If you go to "Format", and select "Labels" then select a label, and
> 	press "OK" WP says an X server error has occured. "Popushell must have
> 	a non NULL parent". I have upgraded to xlib6-3.3.2.a-8 from frozen, and
> 	it still persists.
> 	I know I got a good download, because I have installe from the same
> 	tarball on a FreBSD machine, and runing it under Linux emulation there
> 	does not reproduce the bug.
> 	This bug is 100% reproducable.
> 	Sugestions?

Do you have libc5 libraries or libc6 libraries? It may be a conflict in the
old vs. new libc# libraries.

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