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Re: What's the story on Xemacs+GPM?

Daniel Elenius <danel698@student.liu.se> writes:

> Not for me, it didn't! According to dselect, I have libncurses4 and
> libncurses4-dev installed.

If this happens with the pristine XEmacs sources then that would be a
bug. From configure.in

  dnl Autodetect ncurses.
  if test -z "$with_ncurses"; then
    AC_CHECK_LIB(ncurses, tgetent, with_ncurses=yes, with_ncurses=no)
  if test "$with_ncurses" = "yes"; then
  else dnl "$with_ncurses" = "no"
    dnl Autodetect terminfo/-lcurses/-ltermlib/-ltermcap

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