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Re: What's the story on Xemacs+GPM?

Matt Garman writes:
>On Wed, Dec 09, 1998 at 06:49:41PM +0100, Daniel Elenius wrote:
>> >I run a roll-your-own XEmacs 20.4 that I compiled withOUT gpm
>> >support.  I do have gpm running.  Also, I don't have any trouble with
>> >highlighting some text (from the shell, from another virtual terminal, 
>> >from anywhere), and can paste with the middle mouse button.
>> How do you remove the gpm support? I find nothing in the makefile (I'm 
>> talking about the deb source, of course).
>I believe you can change gpm support with the provided configure
>script.  Type "configure --help" to verify, but I think you will want
>to run "configure --without-gpm" or maybe "configure --with-gpm=no"
>However, I gave up on the debian source because when I went to make a
>Debian package, it overrided my custom options.  (Which, I'm sure is
>my own fault, having not read any info on creating Deb packages).
>Ultimately, I just snagged the vanilla XEmacs 20.4 source
>(http://xemacs.cs.uiuc.edu), and installed in /usr/local with epkg
>(http://www-wsg.cso.uiuc.edu/epkg/), which is similar to stow.
>My homegrown XEmacs seems to run faster, too.

OK, you're right about '--with-gpm=no'. If you're interested, here's
the official method of installing debs thru the source:
'dpkg-source -x package.dsc' in a dir where you have
package.orig.tar.gz, package.diff and package.dsc. This puts the
source in a subdir, with the debian patch applied.
in that dir: 'debian/rules build' then 'debian/rules binary'. This
creates a .deb file, so just dpkg -i that.
I don't know if 'rules build' reads the configuration done by
./configure, so I put --with-gpm=no in a proper place in the 'rules'
file (right in there with a bunch of predefined configuration
options). But 'rules build' (and an ordinary 'make' as well, actually) 
gives me the error: 'ld: cannot open -ltermcap: No such file or
directory'. I was kinda hoping you, or someone else, could help me
with that.

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