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LaTeX and PDF question

Maria Rightley writes:
 > I need to get a paper, produced in LaTeX, into pdf form for a set of
 > proceedings.  Everything is fine in doing that (I use pstoedit to 
 > convert from ps to pdf) except for a few small things:
 > 1.) One of my figures has lost two of its colors when I view the pdf.
 > If I don't get it fixed, it will be annoying to me, but not critical.
 > 2.) Anytime that I use, oh, say, any Greek letter in equations and
 > in the text (say \omega or \gamma), it comes out not right in the
 > pdf (for example, instead of omega, I get an exclamation point).  I think
 > it's because those symbols aren't embedded, and I'm aware that pdfs
 > need embedded fonts.  Does anyone know how to deal with this problem?

Four things come to my mind:

1) I use ps2pdf (from the gs 5.0 package, the non-free version of
Ghostscript) for all ps-->pdf conversions.  The generated PDF is a bit 
big.  I don't have color figures, so I don't know if this will fix
that problem.  I have, however, had very good luck with greek letters
and pretty advanced math (the stuff was for a Laplace Transforms and
Advanced Differential Equations course.  Quality impressed the
lecturer quite a bit, too :{)

2) You may want to try using postscript fonts only to get rid of the
fonts problem.  I know that those fonts (Times, Helv, etc.) are
included with PDF viewers, and serve as "base" fonts.  Just
\usepackage{pslatex}, or process the LaTeX file with `pslatex' instead 
of `latex'.

3) There's apparently native support for PDF in TeX in the latest
teTeX packages.  I'm not very familiar with it, mind you.  It seems
quirky--accepts only PNG input as graphics, postscript fonts only,
etc.  But the PDF generated may be better than the one from ps2pdf.

4) If you're using xpdf as a PDF viewer, you will _not_ get output
that looks fine.  xpdf does not understand embedded fonts, AFAIK.  I
use gv for viewing PDF, and people tell me it looks fine in Adobe's

That's all I can think of.  HTH

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