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Can I start X while other stuff going on?

This will probably be one of those questions that EVERYBODY knows the
answer to, so "why are you asking such dumb questions, Kent?" However,
being entrenched in the Windows world where you didn't do such things, I
wanted to ask before I hosed something.

Can I switch to another virtual terminal and start X Windows while I've
got something else going on in the first vterm, such as a download or a
dselect session, etc? 

And if I can, once I'm in X, how do I then get back to where I can see how
the download is progressing? Do I just Ctrl-Alt-F[key] back to the
original vterm, or can I bring up the process in an Xterm or something

Again, sorry if this sounds like I'm a complete idiot (I usually try to
hide the evidence).

Kent West
KC5ENO - Amateur Radio: When all else fails.
Linux - Finally! A real OS for the Intel PC!

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