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RE: Can I start X while other stuff going on?

On 11-Nov-98 Kent West wrote:
> This will probably be one of those questions that EVERYBODY knows the
> answer to, so "why are you asking such dumb questions, Kent?" However,
> being entrenched in the Windows world where you didn't do such things,
> I wanted to ask before I hosed something.

That's OK, Kent! You're in the position of some kid who's never had a
good meal, led up to a table covered in goodies, who asks "Can I really
eat all that at once?". Just get stuck in.

Otherwise put: assume you can do everything at once unless you find
different in particular cases.

> Can I switch to another virtual terminal and start X Windows while I've
> got something else going on in the first vterm, such as a download or a
> dselect session, etc? 


> And if I can, once I'm in X, how do I then get back to where I can see
> how the download is progressing? Do I just Ctrl-Alt-F[key] back to the
> original vterm, or can I bring up the process in an Xterm or something
> similar?

Pretty well. Normally X (whichever VT you start it from) is running in
VT6 (or maybe VT7). To get from X back to ANY VT (Vt1, Vt2, ... ) just
press Ctrl+Alt+F1, Ctrl+Alt+F2, etc. However, you can't "transfer" a
process from a VT to X, nor from X to a VT, nor between VTs, nor between
different xterms in X.

To get from any VT back to X, just press Alt+F6 (or maybe Alt+F7).
To switch between VTs (even though X is running) press Alt+VT1,
Alt+Vt2, etc.

You'll find that everything that's running on any/all of the VTs, and
also in X, just keeps running even though you're not looking at it.

Welcome to the world where things happen.

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