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Re: tar and the braindead man

On Mon, Oct 26, 1998 at 08:31:20AM -0600, Anthony Landreneau wrote:
> Ok Kenneth,
>    I must be missing something here, other than my mind of course.  This is
> the requirment:
> I have a tape with a tar file on it, lets call it thefile.tar .  I need to
> make two copies of that file, back on two other tapes.  So I will have
> three tapes with three identical copies of this tar file.
>    I got thefile.tar off of the original tape using 
> tar -xv ./thefile.tar -C /usr/thedirectorystore

With you so far :)
>    The tar file is now on the hard drive.  Now I want to put it back onto
> tape, gee, simple minded me thought
> tar -cv ./thefile.tar -C /usr/thedirectorystore

tar xvf ./thefile.tar /usr/thedirectorystore

(I am assumeing ./thefile.tar is actually /dev/st0 or some
other tape device??)

note: I leave off the '-' - tar is an ancient program and doesn't need them ;)
its just how I learned to use it ;)

Why don't you just do this (I am assuming /dev/st0 is your tape device...
if it isn't then substitute it for what I use here)

cp /dev/st0 thetarfile
{switch tapes}
cp thetarfile /dev/st0
{switch tapes}
cp thetarfile /dev/st0 

I THINK that should work.


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