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Re: Trying to recover data from messed up MSDOS floppy

	Subject: Trying to recover data from messed up MSDOS floppy
	Date: Thu, Oct 22, 1998 at 06:07:43PM -0700

In reply to:Paul Rightley

Quoting Paul Rightley(pright@lanl.gov):
> We saved some important data from one of our experiments to a floppy
> in one of our digital oscilliscopes.  The o'scope can write to MSDOS
> formatted floppies only.  I usually then copy the data over to my Debian
> machine for processing.  However, this floppy turned out to have some
> bad areas (mostly in the FAT region of the disk).  I was wondering if
> there is a disk editor in Linux (which I would probably trust more than
> letting Norton mess with my disk)?  Any suggestions?
> Thanks for any assistance,
> Paul Rightley
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I can think of 2.  lde and hexedit, but as I am not on my Debian
partition I can't look to see if they are debian packages.  I have
used them on Slackware and they would do the job for you, I believe.


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