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Re: Issues in switching to Debian

On Fri, 9 Oct 1998, Rob Collins wrote:

> ...and a fairly larger problem: I've discovered I have a virus on my
> machine. I figure I can get rid of the virus by loading up and
> disinfecting it in Windows95 (blech)  -- but it may or may not be
> infecting my Linux installation (it -appears- to load as a child process
> to xdm on init)... b4 I do any install I want to know that I've
> disinfected my system, but don't know how to go about that in Linux.  

 Um... while it might be theoretically possible to write a virus that
would work in both Win95 and Linux, I can't imagine that anyone would have
successfully done so. So far as I know, there's only been one observed
Linux virus ever.

 No, a boot-sector virus essentially runs under the BIOS. This *can*
infect a Linux machine but I find it difficult to believe that Linux would
still boot in such a circumstance.

 What leads you to believe the virus is running under Linux?


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