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Re: Quick Question

At 07:00 1998.09.25 -0500, Mike Acklin wrote:
>Hello Everyone,
>	I have a quick question about linux/debian. Does anyone know of a
>way or a program that if you call your Modem (With it being offline), it
>will monitor the port and if it sees "RING", the system will automagically
>start pon?
>	What I am trying to do is have my home computer on and connected to
>a separate line, and be offline. Then if I need something from my computer
>from work or somewhere else besides home, I can dial my home number, the
>will see an incoming call, the start the ppp/pon so I can telnet, ftp, web,
>to my machine. Kinda like diald in reverse.
	It's mgetty. You need to update your inittab to run mgetty on boot ( or
when edited just run a : init q :) reread init tab ;) and that's all )
Setup up to listen /dev/ttySx ( x=0,1, => com1, com2 in dos ). More
information /usr/doc/mgetty
Debian almost configured to handle incoming calls ;) just update inittab :)
And it will start automatically pppd ;) That's all.

	also look at /usr/doc/pppd
	there are some samples.
>	Has anyone ever heard of such? Just wondering as I was looking
>through dselect and didn't see anything. I am running Debian Slink, diald,
>pppd, I have slip and ppp compiled into the 2.0.35 kernel. If you have,
>please let me know. Thanks...
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