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Re: Quick Question

> >	What I am trying to do is have my home computer on and connected to
> >a separate line, and be offline. Then if I need something from my computer
> >from work or somewhere else besides home, I can dial my home number, the
> system
> >will see an incoming call, the start the ppp/pon so I can telnet, ftp, web,
> >to my machine. Kinda like diald in reverse.
> 	It's mgetty. You need to update your inittab to run mgetty on boot ( or
> when edited just run a : init q :) reread init tab ;) and that's all )
> Setup up to listen /dev/ttySx ( x=0,1, => com1, com2 in dos ). More
> information /usr/doc/mgetty
> Debian almost configured to handle incoming calls ;) just update inittab :)
> And it will start automatically pppd ;) That's all.

I fear you haven't understood what he wants to accomplish. He DOESN'T
want to dial into his machine, but he wants HIS MACHINE to dial into
the internet when he rings the phone once.

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