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Re: Microsoft = Trustworthy? What was I thinking???

>Linux's equivalent (I don't even know what the name of it is), so I'll just

FDISK believe it or not :)

>Linux loaded fine... until it tried to mount the disk:
>Kernel Panic:  Unable to mount /dev/hda3
>Now what do you guys say I try?

Hey Ryan.  First, don't feel bad.  I did that myself and ended up with the
same results.  When NT's disk administrator trys to "play" with the hard
drive, irregardless of how "safe" is says it is, its writes something to
the boot sector to "identify" the drive to disk manager.  It messes up the
table just enough that Linux can't access all the low-level information
stored in that sector, thus you get the panic situation.

I spent numerous hours on this, and being an amateur when it comes to
Linux, couldn't get the two to co-exist very nicely, from a booting point
of view.  I ended up with a boot floppy so the box comes up as Linux, and
remove the floppy when I want to run NT.  This worked pretty well, until I
started running out of space.

Then I got a little "clever", and installed a second 1 gig hard drive (now
the machine has two 1 gigs).  I soldered some wires and DPDT switch to the
SCSI ID lines on both drives, and in the up position, the original drive
becomes SCSI 0, and the new drive is SCSI 1, and when the switch is
reversed, the original drive is SCSI1 and the second drive is SCSI0.  While
this sounds like a ridiculous solution to the problem, it works very well
for me, as long as I remember NOT to allow disk administrator under NT to
play with the Linux SCSI drive.  Under Linux mode, I boot up without the
floppy with no problems, and of course, loading VFAT as one of the modules,
able to access the information on the NT volume.  I used FAT for the NT
drive, not NTFS, though I know there is a NTFS disk driver when Linux is

Sorry for the long winded message.... I thought you'd get a kick out of it :)

Frederic Breitwieser
Bridgeport, CT 06606

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