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Re: Microsoft = Trustworthy? What was I thinking???

On Mon, 21 Sep 1998, Frederic Breitwieser wrote:

>Then I got a little "clever", and installed a second 1 gig hard drive (now
>the machine has two 1 gigs).  I soldered some wires and DPDT switch to the
>SCSI ID lines on both drives, and in the up position, the original drive
>becomes SCSI 0, and the new drive is SCSI 1, and when the switch is
>reversed, the original drive is SCSI1 and the second drive is SCSI0.  While
>this sounds like a ridiculous solution to the problem, it works very well
>for me, as long as I remember NOT to allow disk administrator under NT to
>play with the Linux SCSI drive.  Under Linux mode, I boot up without the
>floppy with no problems, and of course, loading VFAT as one of the modules,
>able to access the information on the NT volume.  I used FAT for the NT
>drive, not NTFS, though I know there is a NTFS disk driver when Linux is

Like all good suggestions, I can't back it up with a concrete reference,
but I have seen in the trade mags various expansion cards that do this job
for you.  Some may have the 'advantage' of making the non-bootable drives
invisible (for security?).  I don't remember how much they cost but if
you're not comfortable soldering bits in your computer it might be an
alternative option.  I may well have seen this in a "Processor" magazine
so when I get my next one I'll see if I can find details if anyone wants
them ...



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