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Re: Linux vs. Windows

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, The guy on the couch. wrote:

> Hi, I use win95 and I tried Linux once and couldn't even load a
> program.  I'm not very experienced with other OSes.  Since then I've
> never tried it.  I'm thinking of upgrading to win98 and got to thinking
> about Linux again.  Is there a way for both of these OSes to work on my
> machine, so I could tinker with Linux and keep my job as well
> (webmaster).  You know if you could make the installation process a
> little more streamlined like that of commerecial company's and then
> start with a very simple GUI instead of the DOS-like command line, it
> might be a little easier for it to be adopted like the windows world.  I
> think more people would try it, but they might be scared of it.  I
> consider myself well-endowed with computers, but I look at Linux and I
> just freak.  Any info?
> Thanks

First, It is very possible for Windows and Linux to exist seperately on
the same machine without any problems. To do this you simply create
seperate partitions for each system. There are various ways to go about
this. I will give a little help with this in a bit.

Ok, now.. as you mentioned, sometimes Linux can be somewhat scary at first
glance but it isnt really that hard. Once you start learning it and
understanding it you'll see that it makes a lot more sense than some other
OSes such as Win95/98/NT.

Now, the best way to go about installing linux for the first time is to
find someone (either over the phone or in person, or if you have two
computers and can get online with one while working on the other) that can
help you through the installation and initial setup. This is what I did my
first time and was able to get a completely working Linux system the very
first time. Now, for most people this isnt going to happen.. so what I
recommend is finding a good book that explains how to go about doing
everything in a way that is fairly easy to understand for someone who
doesnt know anything about linux yet (unlike those Learn C/C++ in so and
so days books where you have to already know C/C++ to understand them :P).
What I would suggest is something like the book "Running Linux". This is
the book I started with and it helped quite a bit. This and other books
can easily be ordered from www.cheapbytes.com. Now, if both of these
suggestions are out of the question.. then the only thing I can think of
is to just follow the instructions very carefully during the installation.
Just read everything very carefully. This may take a couple tries but if
you are naturally good with computers you should be able to figure it out.
I really suggest a book because it will help you with everything including
the problem of creating seperate partitions for Windows and Linux.

I hope this helps and you get Linux installed ok. It is a powerful
operating system that can change the way you look at computers.


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