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Debian users,

I posted the following message and thought maybe a Debian user could help.
Thanks for any advice you could give. Please respond to my email
address or to your list as I am subscribed now.

I posted this message to comp.os.linux.hardware:


I recently installed an AMD K6/2 300MHZ with an IWILL XA100
PC-100 motherboard, with 64M SDRAM. This motherboard uses the
Ali Aladdin V chipset.

I started getting hard drive problems when booting to Linux,
having to run fsck to get it to boot (but on the next boot
the same thing occurred). The system would also crash periodically
while running Linux, with or without X, when attempting some
process (like compiling or even a shell command).

I then installed my new hard drive (IBM Deskstar 8) and successfully 
copied Linux to my new partition. The problem still occurred.

I was running Redhat 4.2 with a 2.0.30 kernel and had planned on 
upgrading, so I attempted a fresh install of Debian Linux 2.0.
I repartitioned the swap and Linux partitions and then tried the 
install. However, in the installation program when I try formatting my
swap space (128M) with the error check feature the system either 
reboots by itself or comes back saying "unable to initialize swap 
space", and then crashes. 

Does anyone know of problems with the Iwill XA-100 motherboard
or Ali Aladdin V chipset running Linux? Amd told me they would
research this but to go ahead and swap my motherboard with one
on their list, such as the Microstar MS-5169. I asked them about
the Microstar because I can trade my motherboard for this one.
However I am unsure because the Microstar also uses the Aladdin V

Any help would be appreciated concerning these motherboards or
suggestions on a better PC-100 motherboard I should use with
my Amd K6 and Linux.

Please note for your opinions:
I emailed both Amd and Iwill concerning this issue. Amd responded
with a hope of help, but I received no reply at all from Iwill.


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