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Re: Linux vs. Windows

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Tom Pfeifer wrote:

> These days, Linux being hard to install is true only in the sense that
> almost everyone installing it is starting out with something like Win95
> already on their machine. That immediately causes problems like setting
> up a dual boot and partitioning to crop up - and these are problems that
> are not unique to installing Linux.
> If you had two equally intelligent/skilled people, gave one a Debian CD
> and the other a Win98 CD, and then gave each of them identically
> equipped new machines with reasonably mainstream hardware and a blank
> hard drive, I doubt that one would have significantly more trouble than
> the other in getting up and running.
> It's what comes after the install that is harder in Linux - there's no
> doubt about that. But speaking for myself, after a bit of a struggle
> getting started, it has been well worth the effort. Linux isn't for
> everyone though - and was never intended to be.

  Not for long.  Debian 2.0 was much easier to install than 1.3.
  Agree?  With the presence of whiptail and slang in the base install, I
  think more and more windoze refugees like me (was) will find Debian
  quite easy to install.  Even for non-technical people.

> Tom

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