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RE: Linux vs. Windows

I use win98 and Linux on same machine and it works fine.  Only problem
i have gotten is that I lost 2 GB somewhere in between fdisk for linux
and fdisk for win98(having 16GB hd is nice).  But I don't really care to
do a reinstall to fix it.  I have found that the install for Debian is
maybe (at most) more involved than other linux dists but hard is not
the word i guess.  It has indeed come a long way.  I don't think anyone
has ever installed Linux the first time and gotten a running working
machine(This is stricly conjecture).  It took me almost .5 years to 
get my first working Linux system, but when you are done you will look
back and realize you not only learned a new os but learned alot more
about your computer in general.  

 "If I had known this before I"                                Joel Keating
 "started, I would have been a plumber"    -Albert Einstein     


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