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Re: LILO Problem

Hi.  Look over the documentation for mbr in /usr/doc.
mbr is a configurable master boot record that replaces
the original on the hard disk drive.  In order to change
the boot parameters and display, you must change the
defaults in the source file and re-assemble the code
to be inserted as a new mbr.  On my computer, when the 
shift key is held down, I get '1FA'.  Pressing the 'A'
key give the advanced options '1234F'.  I can then boot
from any primary partition.

All the details are in the documentation and there are 
several options as to how you would like the system to
boot.  Using a lilo.conf file is also another way to go,
and this may be easier, although I don't think that lilo
will read a fat32 partition to boot from.  I intend to
experiment with mbr to change the default booting more 
to my liking.

By the way, I don't think you've done anything wrong.
A default mbr is installed and you must configure and
re-install a new one to do what you want.

tony mollica

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