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RE: LILO Problem

The prompts you are referring to aren't LILO prompts. When you run   
LILO isn't installed as the master boot loader on your system another   
is (I can't recall the name of the program that is used, but look thru   
liloconfig script for details and then look into the appropriate /usr/doc
subdirectory for boot manager configuration options.)

Alternatively, skip liloconfig and create your own lilo.conf file that   
lilo as master boot loader. You have a lot more options available and a   
more features as well (lilo can load a boot sector from a logical   
partition or load
the kernel directly from a logical partition for example, the boot   
manager used with
bo can only load boot sectors from primary partitions.)

Tony Richardson

On Wednesday, July 29, 1998 11:15 AM, Matthew D. Myers   
[SMTP:mmyers@ourtownusa.net] wrote:
> I recently decided to install LILO on my laptop.  According to the   
> and liloconfig I should be able to hold shift while booting and get the
> following prompt:
> F1234:
> but mine has an extra step... when I hold shift while booting I get   
> prompt:
> AF1:
> If I press A (not lowercase, lowercase locks it up.)  it runs the   
> drive.  If I press 1 it boots my default win95 (which is fine.)  If I   
> F (not lowercase, same as above) I get the F1234: menu at which time I   
> press 1 (Win95), or 2(Linux).
> I want to skip the first (AF1:) menu and go straight to the F1234: menu   
> I hold shift while booting.  What did I do wrong?
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