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Re: Linux vs. Windows

I'd be careful with 98 and Linux.  I read about 98 moving data around and
could possibly break Linux.  I just installed Debian 2.0, and it's pretty
easy now.  Basically follow the prompts.  YOu may not have everything
working, but your system will boot.

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, The guy on the couch. wrote:

> Hi, I use win95 and I tried Linux once and couldn't even load a
> program.  I'm not very experienced with other OSes.  Since then I've
> never tried it.  I'm thinking of upgrading to win98 and got to thinking
> about Linux again.  Is there a way for both of these OSes to work on my
> machine, so I could tinker with Linux and keep my job as well
> (webmaster).  You know if you could make the installation process a
> little more streamlined like that of commerecial company's and then
> start with a very simple GUI instead of the DOS-like command line, it
> might be a little easier for it to be adopted like the windows world.  I
> think more people would try it, but they might be scared of it.  I
> consider myself well-endowed with computers, but I look at Linux and I
> just freak.  Any info?
> Thanks
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