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Re: Mutt, Exim, and the From: header--CORRECTION

On Wed, Jul 29, 1998 at 05:48:01AM -0500, Curt Daugaard wrote:
> In looking at the From: line on my copy of my post sent by the
> list I see that my mailer has done yet another thing.
> To clarify, the usual corruption of my address is from
> 'cld@mcs.net' to 'cld@@'.
> Sorry for this second post.

As others have said you can fix it in ~/.muttrc or /etc/Muttrc.
Actually, I think this is a bug in either Mutt, exim, or their interaction,
because it works just fine with smail.

I think hostname and domain name handling on Unix is pretty messy all up.

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