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Installation lockup on boot?

I'm trying to install Debian 2.0 on my laptop to see what's changed, and
I can't get the rescue disk to boot. I've tried both off of floppy and
the loadlin off of the harddrive method. In both cases, it freezes right
after the md line. I assume it's probably probing for scsi cards there,
of which I have none. Any workarounds? Any reason the scsi drivers
aren't compiled like modules like the net drivers are? :)

I've got a Gateway Solo 9100LS, PII-266, 6.4 gig ide, 128 meg ram, no
scsi anywhere, ide DVD and a 3com net and 3com modem pc card.

Thanks in advance.

David Muench - Project System Administrator
Retrotech, Inc. - http://www.retrotech.com/

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