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Re: I give UP

Paul Sellers wrote:
> All I wanted was info on installilng Linus on a Win95 system. A search on
> "Win95" got 18 hits, none of which (summary) mentioned Win95.
> Most everything I clicked off the main page didn't load (quickly).
> I was perusing the bootDisk #15 with Linux as the main item.
> How about if I install it on a Win3.1 system ??

Perhaps I'm wrong but it sounds to me like you might be
misunderstanding what Linux is.  Linux is not an application but a
full fledged operating system which can take the place of Win95 or
Win3.1 .  You therefore do not install it "on" a Win95 system or
Win3.1 system (as you would install an application) but you install it
on your computer (either as an equal to, or in place of, Win95/3.1) and
choose which one operating system you will run at a time.

> Guess I am not enough of a hacker to wade thru all the warnings and  stuff
> to d/l  if and when this/that crashes.  Not enough hours in the day to play
> computer, help the wife, play with  the  kids, cut the grass etc and etc.

Well, I can't solve anyone's life scheduling problems (let alone my
own!) but learning Linux (or any flavor of Unix) does involve climbing
a rather steep learning curve.  It may not be for you, but speaking
for myself (and probably many others) climbing that hill is well worth
my time and very rewarding.


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