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Re: I give UP

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Paul Sellers wrote:
> How about if I install it on a Win3.1 system ??

Linux is another kind of system. You install it on a separate disk or
partition, entirely separate from Windows. Thus it is irrelevant what the
original system may have been, except that you need to know how to create
an extra disk partition. Your choices are basically FIPS (free), Partition
Magic (costs money), buy a whole new disk, or backup your existing disk,
erase it, repartition and restore.
There is a prominent link on www.debian.org to Installation Instructions,
which you should read.

> Guess I am not enough of a hacker to wade thru all the warnings and  stuff
> to d/l  if and when this/that crashes.  Not enough hours in the day to play
> computer, help the wife, play with  the  kids, cut the grass etc and etc.

If you don't have time and patience, please don't try to install Debian
GNU/Linux. Everyone here is a volunteer; we do our best to provide
documentation and make things easy but we have to do all that real life
stuff too. So if you want to use Debian you have to do your part and read
the documentation people have taken the time to write, so they don't have
to explain things over and over. If the documentation isn't good enough
then everyone is happy to answer questions.

That said, I hope you'll find the time to try it out, but do so when you
have time to spare and in the spirit of adventure. The skills to get real
work done with Debian will come in time. In the meantime you might find
it's a lot of fun. 

Havoc Pennington ==== http://pobox.com/~hp

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