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Re: PC Card Modem and Printer Recommendations

On 28 Jul, Justin Liu wrote:
> Hi -
> I have an IBM Thinkpad 560 with Debian 1.3.1 (among other OS's) installed on
> it and I was looking for some equipment recommendations.  I plan an upgrade
> to hamm sometime soon.
> I want to get a 56K PC card modem, hopefully one that will also work with
> OS/2 and Windoze if it needs to.  The Xircom 10/100 56K combo card looks
> interesting, just because it combines so much into a small package, but
> cost and ease of installation is more imporatant to me than throughput.
> I'm also looking for a low-cost ink-jet with good quality, especially for
> the occasional color output.  I'll be a student again this fall, so I'll have
> use of the school's laser printers for black and white output, but I want
> something to turn out drafts at home.  I might consider a portable printer
> if the quality and price don't drop off that much.  Again OS compatibility
> is a major factor and speed is not.  The HP and Epson look OK.  Are
> multifunction devices worth it, or should I get separate scanner/fax/copiers?


is the definitive source of information on PC Card anythings under
Linux.  Combo PC Cards are problematic under Linux, because there is no
standard for them in the way that there is a standard for
single-function PC Cards.  All of them come with drivers for Windows,
and most also come with drivers for OS/2 and NT, so Linux compatibility
is probably the hardest thing to come by.  Apparently, nearly any
single-function PC Card modem will work, as will nearly any
single-function PC Card Ethernet adapter.  However, for combo cards, if
the EXACT model is not listed on the above web page, it WILL NOT WORK. 
One of my friends found this out the hard way when he bought an
Ethernet/28.8 modem combo card that was not supported; the painful
thing was that the Ethernet/33.6 combo card from the same manufacturer
is supported.  Check the exact model number against the list on the web
page, since there are some Xircom combo models that are supported and
some Xircom combo models that are not supported.

Somebody else will have to answer the printer question, since I am a
student, using the school's laser printers for black and white output,
but my home printer is a 9 pin dot-matrix :-)

Stephen Ryan                   Debian GNU/Linux
Mathematics graduate student, Dartmouth College

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