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PC Card Modem and Printer Recommendations

Hi -

I have an IBM Thinkpad 560 with Debian 1.3.1 (among other OS's) installed on
it and I was looking for some equipment recommendations.  I plan an upgrade
to hamm sometime soon.

I want to get a 56K PC card modem, hopefully one that will also work with
OS/2 and Windoze if it needs to.  The Xircom 10/100 56K combo card looks
interesting, just because it combines so much into a small package, but
cost and ease of installation is more imporatant to me than throughput.

I'm also looking for a low-cost ink-jet with good quality, especially for
the occasional color output.  I'll be a student again this fall, so I'll have
use of the school's laser printers for black and white output, but I want
something to turn out drafts at home.  I might consider a portable printer
if the quality and price don't drop off that much.  Again OS compatibility
is a major factor and speed is not.  The HP and Epson look OK.  Are
multifunction devices worth it, or should I get separate scanner/fax/copiers?


- justin

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