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Re: DVD support for linux


> > Hello,
> >     I getting ready to purchase a new system but before I do I need to know
> > some stuff.  First does Linux support dvd drives.  
> Probably not yet.  And since the DVD videos will also likely be useless
> ther is not much point.  DVD is nice for TV's, waste of time for
> computers.
Humm, I wonder about that ... If you are processing TV images it would
certainly come in useful. However, I doubt if that is the point in

> >What video card should I get?
> You ask later so I will kill two birds with one stone.  AGP is both
> poorly supported and a waste of money.  AGP cards can actually lessen
> system performance.  System resources are stolen to give the enhanced
> video.  Also numerous motherboards have problems sharing AGP and other
> slots.  Best recommendation is to avoid them (yeah I will get flack for
> this one).
As you would well deserve. I guess it is your well informed opinion


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