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Re: DVD support for linux

Fun Fun Fun

Curt E. Spann wrote:
> Hello,
>     I getting ready to purchase a new system but before I do I need to know
> some stuff.  First does Linux support dvd drives.  
Probably not yet.  And since the DVD videos will also likely be useless
ther is not much point.  DVD is nice for TV's, waste of time for

>What video card should I get?

You ask later so I will kill two birds with one stone.  AGP is both
poorly supported and a waste of money.  AGP cards can actually lessen
system performance.  System resources are stolen to give the enhanced
video.  Also numerous motherboards have problems sharing AGP and other
slots.  Best recommendation is to avoid them (yeah I will get flack for
this one).

> If I have a choice between SCSI and Ultra ATA system which should I
> get?  SCSI is a little more expensive but is it really worth it?

For a home workstation SCSI is not a great gain unless you intend to
really beat the hard drive.  Even then the new IDE's make this
questionable.  You will find that many UNIX vendors are shipping IDE in
all but the highest end machines.

>Is AWE 64 PCI supported, or AWE 64 ISA?  
Yes AWE is supported.

> Also is there really a big difference between 66Mhz bus and 100Mhz > bus.

The 100mhz is faster and will allow for more upgrades later.  If you
insist on dumping this much monery -- go for it.

Now for my personal opinoin (-:

GO to xfree86.org.  Read what video cards have better support and why. 
Numerous card vendors are not supporting the free software community.  I
say the same thing about Intel.  It seems hell bent on locking all
hardware in an NDA (which means the free community has to pay for specs
and can not give out the source).  So if you would -- please do not
support Intel.  Buy an AMD or a Cyrix.

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