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Re: Linux/WinNT dual booting (an idea...)

Dennis Dai <DDai@bcgas.com> writes:

> My experience is: install NT first, then install Linux, run LILO to
> modify MBR (add a dos option as usual). After reboot, I got LILO prompt
> first. If I select dos, NT boot loader came up, there you can select NT
> or win95. This is quite different from what has been described in those
> mini HOWTOs. So I suspect that although MS claim to modify MBR, but in
> fact they just modify the boot sector of the active partition. Correct
> me if I'm wrong 'cause I'm not the expert.
> Note: my first partition on first HD is a DOS (vfat) partion. I use it
> to hold those ntldr, boot.ini, ntdetect.com etc.
> Dennis

The Suse handbook descibes nicely how to set up Linux to appear in the 
NT boot loader. That way one has only one prompt.

I don't have a handbook here, so it might be a good idea to look for
some suse user on irc.

May the Source be with you.

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