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Re: How to build Debian Linux cluster?

On Tue, May 05, 1998 at 09:04:25AM -0600, Kenneth L. Summers wrote:
> >  My colleagues who usually work on X-terminals noticed certain advantages of 
> > PC compared to X-terminal and basically the idea is instead of buying extra 5 
> > X-terminals to buy 5 PC.  I think I understand how to maintain single-computer
> > system, but I have very little experience with clusters.
> Well, welcome to the club.  We made the decision about six months ago to
> replace our X-terms with Linux boxes.  The `pilot' project was to build a
> small cluster of Debian Linux boxes that serve as terminals for a classroom
> and general use during the day, and as a compute engine at night and weekends.

Interesting. In the CS department at my university, they have decided
to move towards xterms instead, since they have lower cost of ownership.
Most PCs are just terminals now anyway -- we have Citrix WinFrame
which allows Windows work from any terminal. Some of the better PCs
have NT 4.0 on the desktops, too.

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