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Re: How to speed up the EMACS at start-up ?

On Fri, 1 May 1998, Ionut Borcoman at debian wrote:

> Hi,
> I ermember that I've read somewhere that, if you compile the .el files,
> EMACS will start more rapidly. But I don't remember where I've read
> that. :-(
> Can somebody tell me how to compile the .el files EMACS load at start-up
> ? Do I have to compile each of them by hand ?

One other thing that Dirk Eddelbuetel showed me was to have your .emacs
byte compiled to speed up loading. I have a .emacs (listed below) that
references .elisp/telmerco.el which contains my customizations. The
commands in .emacs check if telmerco.elc exists and if it doesn't it
compiles it. I assume this isn't a great advantage if your .emacs
is small. Cheers, Colin.

;; ~/.emacs --- following the Linux Journal tutorial by Matt Welsh everything is
;;  now in a file that gets byte-compiled if it is newer than the byte-compiled
;;  version of it but that file is stored in ~/.elisp/telmerco.el
(defun byte-compile-if-newer-and-load (file)
  "Byte compile file.el if newer than file.elc"
  (if (file-newer-than-file-p (concat file ".el") (concat file ".elc"))
      (byte-compile-file (concat file ".el")))
  (load file))

(byte-compile-if-newer-and-load "~/.elisp/telmerco")

Colin Telmer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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