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How to build Debian Linux cluster?


  I have a question about organising Debian Linux cluster for small physics 
experiment.  Half a year ago we bought a PC and I am running Debian 2.0 on it. 
 My colleagues who usually work on X-terminals noticed certain advantages of 
PC compared to X-terminal and basically the idea is instead of buying extra 5 
X-terminals to buy 5 PC.  I think I understand how to maintain single-computer 
system, but I have very little experience with clusters.

  So far they want PC just to be an X-terminal, but I beleive they will be 
interested in it's computing power very soon.


1. What is better: one powerfull central computer surrounded by many little 
ones?  OR democratic society of equal computers?

2. Is it easy to "clone" debian systems?  How should one maintain it? 

3. What are the recommendations about hardware specific to clusters would you

4. Any useful resources on this matter?  (Basically how to approach the 

Thanks you,

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