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Re: network printer

On Tue, 5 May 1998, Will Lowe wrote:

> On Tue, 5 May 1998, Timothy C. Phan wrote:
> >   I've a Postscript printer connected to one of the NT4.0
> >   box in my local network.  I'd like to know how would setup
> >   my linux box so I can print from my Linux box to this
> >   printer.
> I'd suggest you check out the SMB-howto.  Samba is probably the way to go.

You could also install lpd print services on the NT box, which (should) be
compatible with the linux lpd (presuming microsoft hasn't 'altered' it for
their usual reasons).  Hmmm, I think you might need NT Server... too long
since I've worked with bloatware, sadly, for me to remember exactly.


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