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Re: Rescue Disks

On Tue, 5 May 1998, Stephen Carpenter wrote:

> I am looking fro a good resource and information on making "Emergency
> Boot
> Floppies"
> Specifically I need to mke one for my own system with some specific
> system dependant stuff...
> It needs the obvious stuff...custom kerenl and command line options for
> it
> but thats th eeasy part (I kno whow to do that)
> it is the rest of it that is a problem
> basically I need a disk with enough functionaliy to boot me into a small
> filesystem where
> I can mount drives and repair
> (my real emphasis is more on being able to mount the filesystem and
> re-dump a tape bakup back onto it...so I guess I need mt and tar)
> hmm thinkin gabout it...I have a parallel port
> zip drive that works great...maybe I shoul djust follow the Zip-Install
> howto

The Bootdisk-HOWTO has the best info. Also look in initrd package
or howto. Also, at Sunsite under , I think, system/recovery
there are rescue disks images.

King Lee

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