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re: Rescue disks

On Tue, May 05, 1998 at 09:11:39AM -0400, Stephen Carpenter wrote:

> basically I need a disk with enough functionaliy to boot me into a small
> filesystem where I can mount drives and repair

I've found a floppy or two just ain't big enough.  Since you said you have
a zip drive, by all means use it! :)  I boot off a rescue floppy that
points to the zip drive as the root file system.  Plenty of room on that
disk for everything but X.  I simply copied over most of my root
partition, /sbin, recursive /etc, kernels, /bin, some /usr/bin, school
work archives/backups, my ~ directory, dynamic libraries, etc.  No need to
suffer through a primitive shell, get stuck with vi, have an unfamiliar
user environment, etc.  I think PPP even works with that setup in case you
need access to the 'net, but I'm not sure.

You may want to edit some of your init files.  IIRC, lots of logging
failed because I didn't create the /var/log directory.  I turned most of
it off since it would be useless to me for rescue purposes and the
"failed" messages got annoying. :)

A few other things must be modified as well, like /etc/fstab (you don't
want it to try and mount your damaged drive;).  Mostly the bootup stuff.


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