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Rescue Disks

I am looking fro a good resource and information on making "Emergency
Specifically I need to mke one for my own system with some specific
system dependant stuff...
It needs the obvious stuff...custom kerenl and command line options for
but thats th eeasy part (I kno whow to do that)
it is the rest of it that is a problem
basically I need a disk with enough functionaliy to boot me into a small
filesystem where
I can mount drives and repair
(my real emphasis is more on being able to mount the filesystem and
re-dump a tape bakup back onto it...so I guess I need mt and tar)
hmm thinkin gabout it...I have a parallel port
zip drive that works great...maybe I shoul djust follow the Zip-Install
and instal a small system on that for repair use
BTW I plan to test all this by dumping a backup to tape and
my hard drive and backing up

PGP Key at: http://www.gis.net/~sjc/pgp.asc
(BTW Thanx allot Noah for pointing out why putting my pgp key here was
a bad idea...now I hafta find a new funny quote or something for here)
"Ummm, me make *one* change. Stone hot so me soak in stream so
stone not burn Lorto hand. Small change, shoul dnot keep Lorto from
make Fire."

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