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Re: Sshd and utmp


I believe that the behavior of ssh not adding a utmp entry is correct.
>From what I recall, doing an rsh didn't add a utmp entry either.  This
seems to make sense since ssh technically doesn't do a login if you run a 
remote command over a secure channel.  If you wish to login, use the
slogin command (which is really just symbolic link to ssh) or ssh without 
a command to run.  Using slogin or ssh without a command to run causes a
real login to occur hence causing the user to appear in utmp.

For example, doing a:

	ssh -l user host command

doesn't add a utmp entry because a command is being run, not a login. 
Doing a:

	xterm -e ssh -l user host

does add a utmp entry since this no command is being run which causes a
login to occur.  Also, as I said above, a:

	ssh -l user host
	slogin -l user host

adds a utmp entry upon login, too.

utmp's work fine for me on my Debian, RedHat, Digital Unix, Solaris and
SunOS systems.  :)


Ossama Othman <othman@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu>

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