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Re: NE2000

On Mon, May 04, 1998 at 07:42:09AM -0300, Daniel Doro Ferrante wrote:
> 	I have a NE2000 card on my 486DX4 100MHz server, running a hamm
> Debian (upgraded whenever possible - something like twice a week... ;)
> And, recently, I encountered a problem: the cable that links the NE card
> to the HUB (3comm) has been changed from coaxial to UTP and so, our
> network conection has gone away... :( I have tried by all means to recover
> it, but with no success (I also do not have the manual of the card...).
> 	Well, by now, what I know is that this little NE2000 can be
> reconfigured to use UTP with the aid of a Config Disk, booting DOS, and
> that its new UTP configuration will be kept on a kind of EPROM (or
> something like this...). Is this correct ? Do I have to find such a

Yes, if there are no jumpers on the card, then there is a magic disk.
However, the magic disk is manufacturer specific; I have at least four
disks here for ISA cards, one for ISA PnP, and another again for PCI.
Try to find the disk. If not, I guess I could try to send you some.

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