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Re: LaTeX installation

On 25 Apr 1998, Joachim Trinkwitz wrote:

> Luka Pravica <l.pravica@student.murdoch.edu.au> writes:
> > 
> > >From the installation error-file (from dpkg) obviosly some files are
> > missing, like texmf.cnf, language.dat...
> > I tried searching for those files but they are not on my hard drive.
> > Perhaps all those files get installed with some other package, but dselect
> > didn't show any dependencies.
> > 
> You can do a 'dpkg -S language.dat' etc. On my system ( hamm with tetex 0.9),
> both files are in tetex-base. 'dpkg -S ...' tells you where the files should
> be in the filesystem, so you could look, if the files are really there.
> You should even try the command 'texconfig conf' and 'texconfig confall',
> which show the configuration of your tetex-system.

Yes, the files belong to tetex-base. But somehow the installation script
for either tetex-base or tetex-bin (I don't know yet) removes all files in
/etc/texmf/ under some circumstances. This was initially intended to clean
up incompatible files from old Latex versions, but it also seems to be
happening on new installations of Tetex.

If I figure out what's really wrong here, I'll file a bug report. Or can
somebody else, with more knowledge of perl than I have, look into this? I
know the files aren't removed when upgrading between different versions of
the tetex-* packages.

On how to get the files back: I think the only way is to manually extract
them from the package and then fiddle around until you got it right. I got
it right several times already, but I can't remember the exact steps.


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