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Re: Diskless Debian, Shared /usr, etc...

Jeff Noxon <jeff@planetfall.com> writes:

> I'm about to set up a diskless Debian workstation.  It's going to be
> booting over NFS using 2Mbps Wavelan...  I know, not fast, but it's just
> going to be dishing out .MP3's to my stereo system -- so quietness and
> heat are the major concerns here.
> I know I can just do a full install in some subdirectory on my main box,
> but can I be more conservative with disk space and share some partitions
> between both installations?  Any tricks, caveats, HOWTO's, etc?

I use Joost's nfsroot package, which sets most of the stuff up.  It's
a good start - but You still need to do a fair amount of hacking to
get it to work.

I think the package got wiped out by the latest freeze, so you need to
fetch the source out of /project/orphaned.


 - Jim

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