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Re: Diskless Debian, Shared /usr, etc...

Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> This sounds nice, but would it support say /etc/init.d#HOST=foo#?

Yes, that works too.

> Also, what about /tmp and /var -- those howtos seem to suggest that
> each machine should have its own.

You can use /tmp#HOST=foo#, etc. I kept /var shared, except /var/tmp,
/var/spool, and maybe a few other directories.

> Mounting all of server:/ seems to
> be all read-only or all read-write too. I would prefer /home, /tmp
> and /var (the last two being machine specific) to be read-write,
> but everything is readonly. Although it's only me using these things
> it's better to play safe.

I'm only guessing, but I'll bet you can mount / readonly, then mount /home,
etc over top of it, read-write.

see shy jo

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